NDOA: Role Reversal in Marriage

With Pastor Carol Wanjau Unlike previous generations where men and women had clearly defined roles, we find that there is a lot of gender role confusion and reversal of roles in marriages today. We are in the era of the feminism and other similar movements which in a bid to empower the woman, they have inadvertently contributed to conflict [...]

NDOA: Dealing with Blind Spots in Marriage Part II

With Pastor Carol Wanjau Opposites attract and attack is a common statement used to describe spouses who seem to be so different yet are attracted to each other. One partner could have an extreme sense of self-importance while the other has a low self confidence and feeling of inadequacy. A married couple could find themselves with opposite personality disorder. [...]

NDOA: Dealing with Blind Spots in Marriage Part I

With Pastor Carol Wanjau Personality disorders are an underlying cause of harmful and destructive behaviours in marriage and relationships. We all carry scars of sin and have sinful natures, but are largely consciously oblivious to them and their impact on our lives. Understanding ourselves and increasing our self-awareness can help us break out of our blind spots and improve [...]

NDOA: Depression In Marriage Part II- Personality Disorders

With Pastor Carol Wanjau Every marriage goes through challenges, some less talked about than others. Counselling Psychologist Carol Rarieya shares some information on how personality disorders play out in marriages and discusses how partners can overcome this little-understood hurdle. Personality disorders are mental disorders in which a person has very rigid and unhealthy patterns of thinking, functioning and behaving. [...]

NDOA – Dynamics of Working Together As A Couple

NDOA with Pastor Carol Wanjau Dynamics of Working Together A typical marriage comprises two adults from different backgrounds with different personalities and communication styles. If not well balanced, these differences can lead to stand-offs in the home. To blend and complement each other’s differences therefore, there has to be an intentional effort from both spouses to find the middle [...]

NDOA – Coping With Depression In Marriage

NDOA COPING WITH DEPRESSION IN MARRIAGE With Pastor Carol Wanjau Described as the most prevalent mental illness among adolescents and young adults in Kenya, depression has far-reaching effects stretching even into marriages. Counselling Psychologist Carol Rarieya gives guidance on how people can recognise the symptoms of depression in themselves or their spouses, while also sharing the ways in which [...]

NDOA – Coping with Mental Illness in Marriage

NDOA Coping with Mental Illness in Marriage by Pastor Carol Wanjau Marriage can withstand many pressures and challenges, but perhaps the least spoken about is how to cope with mental health challenges in a marriage. In this interview, Mavuno Mashariki’s campus pastor Milton Jumba and his wife Vivian who have been married for 12 years, candidly share about their [...]

Marriage Mondays – Marriage is Work

Marriage Mondays MARRIAGE is WORK with Pastor Emmanuel Gachanja Marriage takes work and that is the story that romantic happily ever after fairy tales fail to tell us. We all have a vision of what we desire in and for our marriages.  To actualise these visions, we have to put in the work. There are things that we need [...]

How to Overcome Differences in Marriage

Couples often come into their marriages with flawed foundations; bringing in baggage from their families of origin. Many times however, they fail to recognise this, leading to blame games and ensuing conflicts. Below are a few ways in which a couple can overcome these conflicts and differences: Check the posture of your heart in marriage Whenever you confront your [...]


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