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“Turning ordinary teens into fearless influencers of society”

Young and Fearless (MYF)

Mavuno young and fearless is the youth ministry of Mavuno Church. Previously known as Teenz Konnect and later known as Mavuno Teens.

Our mission is: “Turning ordinary teens into fearless influencers of society”

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How We Disciple

with a God, begin to find their purpose and connect with the Mavuno Young and Fearless community. Here we intentionally use Mizizi as a Discipleship tool and is done through a 10 week amazing experience. They will also come into a Sunday service where they can connect through serving, worship and sermons.


After this one gets connected to a small group of like-minded individuals who will be part of their life with the hope that they will find a place to make friends and have fun.

As it has been stated clearly, we endeavor to inspire and challenge these young people to fearlessly and boldly take a step and influence the community that is around them. In this process they become the disciples that Jesus intended them to be.

Our Various Ministries

Transit – Previously known as Crossroads. They are between the age of 11-13 years at a place of transition between childhood and adult hood.

As a church, we see them being at a transit point in their lives and they need a lot of guidance and support.

Junior Transits:

Consist of two classes; Year 6&7

At the beginning of every year, Mavuno Kids transitions the 10- year old to the Preteens Ministry. This is a shared transitional ministry between MK and MYF. Mavuno Kids helps (especially with the 11 year old class) in settling the kids by lending capacity like facilitators who the kids are familiar with for some time.

The students meet every Sunday. They first go to the MYF dome for worship, then proceed to their class at 11:00 am at the latest.

 ROPES (Transits’ Final Year)

When a child graduates from Mavuno kids the join our youth church which is known as Mavuno Young and fearless. In this stage of life they need lots of support because they are going through a lot of changes and transitions in life and more is expected of them.

At this stage we help them transition in life through our Preteen ministry known as TRANSIT. We have kids from the ages of 11 to 14 years.

In the final year of Transit, the kids go through a one-year program which is intentionally designed to initiate the process of transition. The program is known as ROPES.

ROPES meaning is “rites of passage”

In the African setting, it was part of the culture for one to go through an initiation process which was designed to help a child transition from childhood to adulthood. This program helps do exactly that and more. It has a focus on building a good foundation in Godly principles.

i. Transition

ii. Community

iii. Discipleship


ROPES is for 13 -14 or those in the final year of primary education or its equivalent which is determined by the school system they are in.

This helps them to gradually fit in with the other teenagers without feeling intimidated as would be the case if they moved straight from Mavuno Kids to Mavuno Young & Fearless


Another objective of the ministry is to foster a sense of community among the preteens with the hope that the ties formed during the classes will last them through their teen years and into the future. Discipleship

Besides easing them into the Youth Ministry, the program is also aimed at helping the pre-teens process their transition from childhood into teenage (and eventually adulthood) in a godly environment that allows them to apply their faith to the issues they face at their age. The purpose of the classes is to help the pre-teen grow in their faith through lessons and intentional interactions with one another and their teachers.

The ministry is also a discipleship avenue as the students interact with people who are older than them and learn from them what it means to be a Christian.



The lessons are organized in monthly series so that each teacher takes a class for a month to allow for continuity and facilitate interaction between the teachers and the student. The pre-teens attend MYF service which starts at 10.15 am before going for their class. The class takes place every Sunday for an hour that’s from 11 am to 12 pm.

Holiday Activations

Every school holiday we organize an activity that the kids will enjoy and help them learn.

April Hangout – hike from Ngong Hills to Olepolos where we shall have lunch (Nyamachoma). The timing of this event is from 8am to 4pm and it will be held on the 14th (Sunday) April 2019.

November Purity sleepover -The sleepover dates for the sleepover (Hill City) have been set for the KCPE weekend. The dates are from Saturday 2nd to the Sunday 3rd November 2019. For Crossroads and MDT they need to set the dates for their sleepover, considering the school system most of the ROPERS are in.

December Camp – The camp dates have been set for the 9th to the 14th December 2019. Venue will be confirmed and communicated in good time.


The ROPES camp is the culmination of the ropes program and is a week-long event that begins on Monday and ends on Saturday and marks the final part of the transition from childhood into teenage. The camp happens the first or second week of December at separate venues for the boys and girls, or a venue that is large enough to accommodate both the girls and boys without them coming into contact during the duration of the camp.


The teens will graduate at the camp and also at the start of the next year they will be celebrated in the church. They will receive certificates and also get baptized. The boy’s parents are also allowed to organize for a circumcision exercise together if they so desire.

Parents Meeting

ROPES Parents meetings take place every first Sunday of the month beginning February and run until November. The objective of these meetings is to equip the parents to better facilitate their children’s transition and covers at least the basics in parenting a teenager . The facilitators have often invited guests who have some expertise in the area under discussion.

The meetings take place from 8.00am-10.00am at the ropes class.

These meetings are mandatory for both parents. In the case of a single parent, one is advised to seek for a father/mother figure to help you in this journey. This is because we believe that it takes a village to raise a child.


This group consists of 14-18 year old.

They currently meet and fellowship with the 18-23 year olds in the MYF dome. This is however unsustainable as the two age sets vary in the issues and state of maturity. Attempt to address one set loses the other.


This group consists of kids who have just completed highs cool and are looking to join university. They are between the ages of 18 – 20 years. This space is a transitional space as the wait to join the next step in their lives. This might be campus or college or work opportunity

Young Adults/Campus trend

The age group is from 20-24 years.

Currently, they (mostly college students) are the associated in the ministry. We are working towards creating a space for them.

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