Simama -Finding Freedom For Your Family

Are you concerned about the state of your family? Do you have family members who struggle with addictions, patterns of failure, stagnation, sexual brokenness, strife & conflict, or difficulty in communication? Do you sometimes feel lost and uncertain about what to do in your family?

What if your family could break the invisible strongholds holding it back, and go on to find real and meaningful freedom? Then welcome to SIMAMA.

SIMAMA is a powerful 10-week experience that helps you break any spiritual strongholds that have held you or your family back from being all that God created them to be.

SIMAMA helps families be self-aware of the cultural and spiritual forces that are at work in their particular circumstances, and teaches them to employ spiritual, emotional and psychological resources to overcome the works of darkness in their lives.

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How It Works


Our desire at Mavuno is to see each and every family living in freedom. As a result, we are requesting each and every Mavuno member to consider taking their family through the experience. For some, this will be their nuclear family, for others it will be extended family, which could include your siblings, nieces/nephews, cousins etc.

Prayerfully ask God to show you how to engage your family members and invite them into this experience.


Every Wednesday night , join in for a brief training session that prepares you to walk your family through the experience. The sessions run between 7:30 and 8pm (East African Time) and can be accessed via


Each weekday through the 21 days, there will be a virtual prayer gathering happening each morning. These prayer gatherings will take place for just 30 minutes each morning between 6:30 – 7 am (EAT). To access the prayers each day, please click here ==>  at least 10-15min before the start of the sessions.

Buy The Book


You can order your copy of SIMAMA directly off the website here, and have the book delivered countrywide (KE Only). The cost of the book is only KES 1,000, and family members who stay together may be able to share a copy. A copy of the e-book is also available from the amazon store on


This simple information pack is now available for download. It contains a lot of the information found on this page, and can be an extremely useful tool for sharing with family and friends to give them a good sense of what SIMAMA is and how they will benefit from going through the experience.


Share Your Story

It is said that you can argue about many things, but you can never argue about someone’s story. We’d love to hear what your experience is – so please feel free to share your SIMAMA story with us and we can use it to encourage others in their own journeys. (You can also share your story on social media – tag us and use the hashtag #MySimamaStory).

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have gone through SIMAMA before, then you are extremely well-positioned to take others through it, in this case, your family members. The current SIMAMA manual has also been refreshed and rewritten with a much stronger and clearer focus on the family.

Every family is different! Some have great relationships and will be game to try this experience because one of them suggested it. Others may be more distant or even estranged. In such a case, perhaps you can join a more comfortable group to walk through the experience with. Or you could invite a few family members who are easier to connect with, e.g. several nephews and nieces. For those who are married, you may choose to do this experience with your nuclear family, especially if your children are old enough to engage in family conversations.

Because of technology, those family members who are geographically dispersed may be able to do a regular meeting using technologies such as Zoom, or possibly even WhatsApp.

If you are not yet ready to engage with your family for this experience, not to worry!

  • We’ll have groups going through it in our campuses and we’d be happy to connect you with such a group so you can walk through the experience together.
  • Or perhaps as mentioned above you can walk through the family with a few family members who are easier to connect with and one day, you’ll all facilitate the entire family together.
  • Or maybe you can get a group of friends and go through this experience together.

The possibilities are endless! We want you to do what works for you best in this season.

We’re inviting our entire community to do a 7 Day prayer and fasting experience together from Sun 2nd to Sat 8th May to pray for our families and prepare for the experience. Should you need any extra prayer, our pastors will be on standby to pray with you (ref?) and we also have references for experienced counselors should you need such support (ref?)

In Kenya, you can order your copy of Simama directly off our website ( and get it delivered to you. Alternatively, you can buy an e-book copy from The cost of the book is KES 1,000, and family members who stay together may be able to share a copy.

Between the 2nd and 9th of May 2021, we will be calling the entire congregation to a time of prayer and fasting that will not only give us courage to pray for our families and help open our eyes to the spiritual realities in our families, but will also prepare us to lead our families to fulfilling God’s purpose for them. A prayer guide will be available on our website.

Yes. Mavuno has created a simple guide that can help you lead through each of the SIMAMA weeks. The guide will be made available on our website on a weekly basis.

Please feel free to send us an email at, and we will be more than willing to help you.


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