Our values are expressed using the acronym REAP. We believe that as we leave out these values, we will be a church
effective in bringing in the harvest, a generation of people who will change the world that we live in.


We believe that our name Mavuno is a specific call to go and bring the harvest. Jesus, ‘the Son of Man’ came to seek and save the lost. Just as Jesus’ main task was to be an agent of reconciliation between God and a lost and rebellious humanity, our main task as a church is to bring lost people to God and to through discipleship to turn them into radical followers of Jesus Christ.70% of our continent is under the age of 35, but few churches are set up to deliberately reach this demographic! This is a ‘sight and sound’ generation.

It’s not just important to have the right message but to communicate it in their language; using symbols, media and music that they can relate to.

Our target is not people going to other churches but those who are not in church at all. We thus use all possible means to engage them. The reason we do this is not to look cool or to fit in but as Paul says, we ‘become all things to all men in order to bring them to God’


We believe that excellence not only helps us reach our target audience better, but it also reflects God’s nature. After each day of Creation, He stepped back to evaluate His work and declared it good. Just as God is a God of excellence, Mavuno is a church of excellence. Excellence surprises and engages. It makes people to take part and to desire to belong. It brings glory to God. God has provided the church with a means to excellence through the use of spiritual gifts.

The Bible teaches that God has bestowed a spiritual gift on all His children, and that He blesses each local church with the spiritual gifts it needs to carry out the ministry that He has called it to. We thus believe in equipping each member to serve with excellence in their area of gifting. When people serve from a position of spiritual gifting, then God blesses their ministry.


Without authenticity, there is no transformation. We believe that Christianity does not need any hype on our part as the gospel is God’s power. We thus need to be real in our interactions with each other and with those outside the church.

This means that we seek to always be genuine, sharing from not just our strengths but from our weaknesses, never seeking to pretend that we are anything that we are not.

This ‘real-ness’ needs to extend through everything we do including our services, our ministry interactions and our day to day lives. In this however, we will seek to be sensitive to others first and always ensure that our sharing does not cause a hindrance to others spiritual growth.


Like Paul, who was willing to even lose his life for his faith, we are passionate about our calling to reach our generation with the good news of Jesus. We will do whatever it takes, whether it has been done before or not, to help them come to Christ. Passion is the fuel in the engine; it drives us to do what we do and makes us go beyond the call of duty. It sustains mission and excellence.


Mavuno Church
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