Throughout the second week of September 2021, Mavuno Church is inviting all her members to A TIME OF REFRESHING – a 7-day ‘liquid fast’ running from the 6th to the 12th of September 2021.

Many times in scripture we see God’s people being called upon to join in the spiritual discipline of fasting for a time of refreshing and in order to be more spiritually attuned to hearing God’s voice.(Download a guide on how to fast effectively HERE).

This September we are doing it different

Not only are we doing a liquid fast, in this season we are also calling on our members to join in for prayers together with other Mavuno churches that form their church network.

As a result, a cluster of Mavuno Churches will be praying together very early each morning and waiting on God together. (Scroll down to see what cluster your campus is in and what link you will need for this).


  • What is Fasting?

    Fasting is the voluntary abstaining from food and/or drink for the purpose of seeking a deeper spiritual experience with God.

  • Why Do People Fast?

    There are many reasons why people fast, Here are but a few:

    – To bring Gods power of intervention into difficult situations of our lives

    – To release the Spirit of God to revive us spiritually

    – To seek repentance on behalf of ourselves or others

  • So Does The Bible Really Encourage People To Fast?

    There are numerous Bible portions that exhort people to fast. Jesus, speaking in Matthew 6:17 starts by saying “When you fast…” making clear that the expectation was that Gods people ARE fasting. Moses (Exodus 34:28), Esther (Esther 4:16), Daniel (Daniel 9) and even Jesus (Matthew 4:2) and Paul (Acts 9:18-19) all took time to fast. Other useful references are Judges 20:26-28, Joel 2:12, Jonah 3:5-10, Acts 13:1-3, among many others.

  • Are there different types of fasts?

    Generally, there are different types of fasts.

    • PARTIAL FAST – When you opt to abstain from food for certain times/parts of the day
    • DAY FAST – When you skip meals all through the day and chose to have one meal a day each evening
    • LIQUID FAST – When you skip all meals of the day and opt to only partake of water and (non-citric) juices
  • OK, so Which Fast Is Mavuno Doing?

    As a community, we are calling on as many of us as can to consider engaging in the “Liquid Fast”, where we will abstain from all meals for a 7-day period, and only partake of water and non-citric juices.

    However, if for one reason or another you are unable to join us for the liquid fast (e.g. say for medical reasons or nursing mothers), we encourage that you adopt an alternative fast (like social media, etc)

  • So is Fasting Always Accompanied By Prayer?

    Fasting on its own, though beneficial physically, does very little spiritually. To unlock the full extent of Gods power in our lives, we need to be waiting on him in prayer. Choosing to fast and not prayer is akin to a hunger strike, where both the body and the spirit are starved.

  • Is There A Guide I Can Use For This?

    Yes. Mavuno has created a simple prayer plan that can guide you through the month of May. It details a number of prayer points for each day, as well as some portions of Bible Reading that can help enrich your spiritual experience. You can download the PRAYER GUIDE HERE, and/or find daily prayer points on our various social media handles.

    Once you have your guide, we advise that you position it in a prominent place where you can refer to it on a daily basis.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Ask a friend or your Life-Group to help keep you accountable to your times of prayer and fasting

  • Ensure you set aside ample time to be alone with God. Convert the times you would otherwise be eating to times devoted not to other activities, but to prayer

  • During the fast, expect to hear from God and long for and anticipate change. God will always meet you at your level of expectation

  • Avoid strenuous physically exercise or activity especially during a long fast

  • Break your fast gradually. Start by taking fluids and light meals until your body adjusts


When you fast, you need to be aware that the enemy will try to distract you from spending time in prayer. Such distractions often come in the form of unusual busyness, irritability and anger, arguing and relationship strains but might take other forms as well. Be on the watch for such signs and share with your prayer partner immediately to feel that way and turn it into a prayer.

Remember: “When we finish a fast, we cool into tempered Christians, strong with self-control. The dross and cinders of our lustful cravings are skimmed off…fasting produces a work of art – the tempered selfless Christian can be created through no other process of refinement” – Bill Bright


Early each morning between 4:30 and 5:30am (EAT), we will be gathering in our respective church networks for a time of communal prayer, and waiting on God together.


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