Two Face – The Great Boycott

  Ever been in a scenario where you/someone you know got an instruction/request at work/business that conflicted with their values?   Bible reading Daniel 1:8-21  It is not clear what specific reasons led to Daniel’s refusal to indulge in the king’s daily buffet. But we can suspect that this decision was influenced by his faith. With amazing tact and sensitivity, taking care that he doesn’t put [...]

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Two Face – T.G.I.F

How would you describe your workplace?   Would you say the workplace feels like: Pressure cooker? Hospital ceiling ( plain boring)? Battle zone? Roller coaster? ATM machine (it’s all about the check)? Gym (stretch, pain and satisfaction)?   T.G.I.F – the celebration of Fridays shows that either most people do not love their workplace (specifically deadlines and targets and supervisors) or they just love rest. Some [...]

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