How would you describe your workplace?  

Would you say the workplace feels like: Pressure cooker? Hospital ceiling ( plain boring)? Battle zone? Roller coaster? ATM machine (it’s all about the check)? Gym (stretch, pain and satisfaction)?  

T.G.I.F – the celebration of Fridays shows that either most people do not love their workplace (specifically deadlines and targets and supervisors) or they just love rest. Some people live for the weekend so Friday is party day. We seem to celebrate exit from work.  

3 Myths about Work

  1. Work is cursed!
  2. Work is ‘secular’ and there is no place for faith!
  3. Life is all about Career.

So, can work be meaningful and purposeful?

The story of Daniel and his friends is relevant to our investigation. We will refer to this biblical story throughout the experience.   

Today we start by reading… Daniel 1: 1-9 

We see three things from this text: 

One. However you got to your position at work, we learn from Daniel that you should see it as a God-posting! In Babylon – a wicked and idolatrous system, God placed his choice young men. And it was for more than making ends meet.   

TwoThese young men had been wired for the job. They were a fit. You have been gifted and wired in a certain way to find your purpose in your work. It is possible to do a job that satisfies you and calls you out (brings out your talents, passions and gift).

ThreeThe young men were trained so as to grow into their position. We can only grow to fully express what God has given us as we train and stretch.  

This is the key lesson: 

Work is an opportunity to serve God and fulfill purpose.   

Monday can and should make lots of sense. For that to happen, you need to do 3 things (ABCs): 

  1. Attitude change – Begin to see work not as meaningless or only worth the check, but as a placement by God! 
  2. Bring God in – Surrender your work and time at work to God. Realize he is interested in every bit of what you do.  
  3. Commit to growth – You honor God as you unleash all the potential and gifting that God has given you. If it’s in music, be the best. In leadership, grow and stretch. In business, show what God gave you. Learn and train to grow. 

Work with all your heart. God is your boss. Serve him with your work. You will not be able to fearlessly influence if you do not see your work as a God-posting. Work is an opportunity to serve God and fulfill purpose.