Game Of Thrones – Dealing With Success

We all have dreams and things we want to accomplish. We kinda know how to deal when things don’t work out. We tend to naturally turn to God.   What happens when we get what we dreamed about or what we want?  What happens when we are successful? How do we deal with success?  Daniel 4: 1-9;27 -30    King Neb shares his dream with Daniel; Daniel tells him he can [...]

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Game Of Thrones – Trusting God Even If

  Have you ever made a decision that ended up costing you so much?   At the point of making it, it was very simple and straight forward, but now, you have paid so much for it. You wish you knew. Maybe your simple decision was: Buying a car, Moving to a new house, Choice of degree, Changing jobs or Relationships What happens when the one decision that has cost [...]

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