We all have dreams and things we want to accomplish. We kinda know how to deal when things don’t work out. We tend to naturally turn to God.  

What happens when we get what we dreamed about or what we want? 

What happens when we are successful? How do we deal with success? 

Daniel 4: 1-9;27 -30 


King Neb shares his dream with Daniel; Daniel tells him he can avoid the drama by quitting his wicked life and starting to live for others.  

12 months later King Neb is on his balcony again, the same balcony on which in verse one he had praised God. Remember that? This time round he’s looking over his balcony at Babylon and says: Babylon the great, that I built and a royal palace for my glory. He’s basically saying Babylon was built BY ME, FOR ME. The instant he takes the credit, the glory, everything that was in his dream comes true.  

The moment Neb takes credit for the greatness of Babylon and how everything is a reflection of his glory, the nightmare he had comes true. 

Daniel 4: 33 It happened at once. Nebuchadnezzar was driven out of human company, ate grass like an ox, and was soaked in heaven’s dew. His hair grew like the feathers of an eagle and his nails like the claws of a hawk. 

So how do we deal with success?  

  1. Acknowledge your Source 
  2. Do what is right 
  3. Be kind to the oppressed 


Your success is not by you for you. It’s by Him and for His Glory.