Two Face – T.G.I.F

How would you describe your workplace?   Would you say the workplace feels like: Pressure cooker? Hospital ceiling ( plain boring)? Battle zone? Roller coaster? ATM machine (it’s all about the check)? Gym (stretch, pain and satisfaction)?   T.G.I.F – the celebration of Fridays shows that either most people do not love their workplace (specifically deadlines and targets and supervisors) or they just love rest. Some [...]

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Two Face – Playing To Win

What’s the worst job you ever worked in and why? Many Christians see work as a necessary evil and respond in three primarily different ways… a) The Withdrawers: b) The Accommodators: c) The Indifferent: What’s your tendency? Are you an withdrawer, an accommodator or indifferent? This is what the Market Place series that we will be reflecting on through the [...]

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