The Quadruple Bottom-Line

With Muriithi Wanjau

Kingdom businesses will have distinctive outcomes or features that set them apart from other businesses in the market. I call these features, collectively, the Quadruple Bottom-line. Today we dig into the first one, purpose.

Ephesians 2:10 ‘For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’

You are not a random bunch of cells. You were custom-made for a specific and pre-made purpose. Your business thus must serve as an extension and vehicle of that purpose. This means that when people see your business, they must see God’s purpose. Below are the implications of kingdom businesses:

  1. Must Pursue Purpose: You must understand your individual purpose as well as why God put you in or gave you your business. Many Christian businesses are driven by money, fear among other ungodly reasons. But as Kingdom-entrepreneurs, we are to have a (Kingdom) purpose-driven business. This is God’s desire for us. When we clearly understand and act on this, people will be able to see an extension of God’s kingdom in our businesses. So pursue your purpose. Ask God why He made you. He will then lead you onto a journey of purpose discovery.
  2. Must Be Surrendered to God: Your business has to be saved just as you are. Therefore involve God in the day-to-day running and management of your business. Ask Him for guidance and understanding on a daily and consistent basis.
  3. Must Employ Godly Values: Your business must reflect the owner’s nature. You cannot be a Kingdom leader and then run your business the worldly way- cutting corners, taking and/or giving bribes, short-changing clients. Your business must serve and honour God. Employ and practice God-honouring values, then your business will become an extension of God’s kingdom.
  4. Must be a Kingdom Financier: Kingdom businesses funds the work of the Kingdom. This is blessing the poor, the underprivileged in society. It is also blessing God’s mission which involves blessing the Church and financing the advancement of the Gospel.

My prayer is that when people come to your business, they will not only see God’s nature, but also sense His presence in your business. May the purpose of God be advanced through your business.


  • You are not a random bunch of cells. You were created for a specific purpose.
  • You cannot be a Kingdom leader and then run your business the worldly way.
  • Your business should be an earthly extension of God’s kingdom.
  • When people see your business, they must see God’s purpose.
  • You must understand why God put you in your business.
  • Kingdom businesses fund the work of the Kingdom.


Muriithi Wanjau is the Senior Pastor at Mavuno Church, a movement of churches based in Nairobi with a presence in 10 nations. He is passionate about leadership development and societal transformation. He is the author of several books including the discipleship manual Mizizi, Seasons of a Leaders Life and Fearless! The Mavuno Story.  For full version of the sermon above, please log onto