I Got a New Job After a Year Without Work

God be praised.

I started a new job in September 2021 after a year and three months out of work.

During that break, I spent a lot of time in prayer and God reminded me of basic principles that I had fallen away from. These included the power in the blood of Jesus, tithing, giving first fruits, offerings and so much more. We even had a teaching called “Vaccinate Your Money”, taught by Pastor M in September 2020. I purposed to practice these principles and begun with what I was earning through other engagements.

Since I resumed formal employment, I have put these principles into practice and I have experienced God’s tremendous favor at my work place. I got promoted before I had made one year. God has even presented more opportunities for further growth which He will bring to fruition.

I have since started a business of selling ice cream and I’m excited to see how God will explode that one too.

I’m amazed and must say that this is the hand of God. Yes, God rewards obedience and yet, I can’t help but thank Him for His abundant grace and mercy towards me through it all.

Praise the Lord!