I Got a Free House Renovation!

At the beginning of this year, I went through the series ‘Vaccinate Your Money’, the ‘Four Horsemen of Financial Ruin, and one on honour.

Come August, I left Nairobi to go live with my mum, as it was strenuous being in town with my kids. My mum gave me a house to renovate but I was unable to do it. I asked to live with her until I could.

As I have been with her, I have been diligently caring for her. I send her small amounts of money for her upkeep- shopping, errands. All the while, I still travel to work each day, and lead worship at Mavuno Waiyaki Way. Just last week, she told me that God ministered to her to do the renovation for me!

I am looking forward to starting the process and will send pictures!