To give a tithe means that you give a tenth of your income to your church. Tithes are generally given throughout the entire year. Tithes are meant to be given in an automatic sense of obedience after you receive your income–e.g., paycheck, commission, bonus. 

First fruit offerings are typically an annual gift to the church done at “harvest time.” Because we’re not actually harvesting crops, the harvest can mean different things to different people. paybe you prayed for a job and you just got your first paycheck. Or Perhaps you just got a bonus at work. Or you are in business and you’ve got a big client in your business who has paid you their first cheque. Maybe you’ve just received the first dividends from your investments or your first rent cheque. Or maybe it’s the first paycheck of the year. These are all harvest time moments when your hard work paid off. These are also great opportunities to turn back to God in gratitude for the blessings.