Rev. Canon Peter Adolwa – Head of Operations, Mavuno Church has helped set up financial systems around all Mavuno campuses to ensure there is accountability and integrity and each campus is required to give regular financial reports.  “We have prioritised to be strategically accountable on how every coin is used to enable the ministry to grow, even as we bring our deficits down.  The reason we continue to plant churches is not because we have a lot of money, but because we trust that God will help us as we obey.

If we stagnate it would mean the church is  dying. Therefore we have to keep expanding but deliberately keep costs down.  In the same way we continue to invest in the Mavuno Hillcity Headquarter grounds so as to improve its status and keep it up to the standards of surrounding upcoming construction developments.

Pray that God brings in the harvest of people who can carry the load of God’s work. We still have a mortgage with HFK and if we pay the Ksh. 200 million loan in the stipulated 13 years we will have paid double that amount because of interests yet this is money that can be used for ministry purposes if paid off earlier.

James Kaniaru – Elder, Mavuno Church 

We talk about money as a church because finances and how we manage  are at the heart of discipleship and money is at the centre the vision that God has given Mavuno. If you want to know something about someone, look at how they spend their money because their money will always be a reflection of the priority of their heart. If you want to know about a church. look at how it spends the money it receives  and it will tell you about where the heart  of the church is.
Based on the 2017 audited accounts, we have  quite a bit of debt load to carry.  A lot of work needs to be done to establish the Movement to fulfill it’s vision  to take the gospel to the gateway cities of the world.  My prayer is that God would grow us to be more faithful not just in our giving but to partner with Him in the  discipleship work He is doing. I pray that God moves us  from a Movement talking about a mortgage to a Movement talking about transformed lives, because God is not restrained by economic constraints.

Muriithi Wanjau – Senior Pastor,  Mavuno Church 

The year 2017 was financially tight for Mavuno church, yet despite the effects of a prolonged election year in Kenya, the congregants were faithful and continued generous giving to the work of God  where income grew by 10% .

We continue to plant churches because the Lord says we plant and God provides as we do it. Mavuno South was planted at a time when Hillcity could not afford to plant a church, yet they are thriving and growing and are even giving back by helping Hillcity with some of their costs. Mavuno Crossroads was also planted at a financially challenging time but they have become one of the churches that has played a huge role in providing financial support for the whole movement.

We thank God that we cleared the debt with the contractors. As good stewards the Movement can envision to pay off the mortgage financing earlier to reduce on interest and use that money to plant churches and do ministry work.

We want the next generation to think church and think good, so through Spread the Love campaign, we intend to impact more public schools and we are in discussions with Ministry of Education to see how we can adopt even more public schools and improve their infrastructure.

Everything at Mavuno Church is about discipleship, and I pray that you never tire to reach the lost, nor lose the passion to transform lives and make a difference in the continent as well you change the world.