What’s the worst crisis you’ve ever faced?  


The reality is that as long as we are living in our everyday normal work environments, then we can never avoid walking into a situation that threatens to disturb our peace and normalcy. The difference between those who succeed through crisis and those who don’t is not in the magnitude of the crisis, but it is in our response to the crisis. Your marketplace Crisis is an opportunity for God’s Purpose 

We continue with the story from where we got to last week. Daniel and his buddies have succeeded in the training and have been inducted into the king’s service, then a crisis comes to them in their new work environment

Daniel 2:1-13 (NIV) 

Life changing Crisis: Every day in the marketplace, we face crisis of different magnitudes. Some are small and easy to solve. But others can have huge implications on our future.  

Daniel 2:10 -13 (NIV) 

Human wisdom Falters: How about that for a bad day at work? Crisis comes looking and knocking at your door. The King responded to the crisis by passing it on to the magicians. The magicians responded to crisis in a way that most of us are tempted to respond to it; they went at it based on their own efforts. The efforts were bound to fail, and they knew it.  

The next part of the passage shows us Daniel’s response to the same crisis and my prayer is that we can learn from this man on how to respond to issues. 

Daniel 2:14- 24 

After God gave him a solution. Daniel responded to God in worship. In his worship we can see that his perspective is that his marketplace crisis was an opportunity for God’s purposes.  

So how well we know our God determines how we react and ultimately how successful we will be in dealing with the crises that we face at work. Alternatively, how you act reveals how well you know your God. Your marketplace Crisis is an opportunity for God’s Purpose 

God designed His people to be solution providers for the world they live in. He created you to shine and to stand out in whatever organization He places you.  He wants you to bring value to the marketplace by providing solutions to others.  

Daniel 2:45 – 48  

When Daniel saw the problem, he did not think of how to escape from it, but he ran towards his fears and asked “How can I solve this.” In the process God was glorified, and his purposes for Daniel accomplished.