Mavuno Church welcomes you to the PROVERBS CHALLENGE.

Through the month of May 2020, we are inviting every one of our members to read the book of Proverbs with a group of others. The month of May has 31 days, corresponding with the 31 chapters found in the Book of Proverbs, and we are encouraging each one to read at least one chapter a day.

The wonderful thing about the book of Proverbs is that it deals with experiences common to everyone, and covers a broad spectrum of human situations, relationships, and responsibilities, offering insights, warnings, instructions and counsel.


Very simple. After identifying a group of 3-4 others with whom you can read together, we ask that you do three things. READ. SHARE. MEET.

  • READ – Read one chapter of Proverbs a day
  • SHARE – Share with your group (on WhatsApp) what you are learning and what you are going to do about it
  • MEET – Meet once a week online to discuss learning’s