What if I just want to join a Life Group?

If you are looking for community we can connect you to a Life Group near you. However Be the Spark Adventure offers you an opportunity for something even better. You can now create a God community; that is what we call a Life Group here at Mavuno Church!    When you invite 4-5people to go through the Mizizi Experience with you, you begin to share your lives.  The experience encourages [...]


How much does it cost?

We have created a very exciting virtual experience where you can interact with not just a new revamped MIzizi EBook plus Devotional Videos, Personal Diary, Quizes and lots of other online tools that have really enriched the experience.  The Facilitators have their own Tutorials and Teaching Videos plus back end that allows you to become a really amazing coach and mentor.   We will be charging a very special launch price [...]


Who Should I invite to my Group?

This is a great question; invite all those who are in your circle of natural connections. There are many people in your home, office, family, neighborhood or Chamaa who are looking for answers to life’s questions. Be The Spark adventure invites them to the Mizizi expirence so they can learn about the basics of the faith in a loving community of believers who will eventually [...]



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