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Mizizi blog
Stepping Over Fear (My Mizizi Experience)
Posted on: Mon 21 Oct 13
As we get into week 6 of season 3 2013 (how fast time flies) allow us to share with you Vincent’s story (Vincent was in season 2 2013): #TeamSparks At The Retreat  I heard about Mizizi from my friends who had gone through the class. I also came across it online. In 2010, one of […]
Pastor M blog
An Easter Story
Posted on: Thu 17 Apr 14
They were brought up by their mother. She worked long hours to ensure they ate well. In the evenings after a hard day at work, she pushed them to do their homework and taught them to believe in themselves. You see, their dad had abandoned her when they were young. He just took off one … Continue reading
Mavuno Blogs
Mavuno Blogs
Mavuno blog
Outcast – The Flow
Posted on: Sun 20 Apr 14
One of the most heart-warming experiences for me when people get together and rally round a cause together. Remember? Kenyans for Kenya that raised Ksh 656m We are one during the Westgate attack; Rallying call to unite everyone in Kenya against the evil and terror Kenyans on twitter #KOT raising Ksh 500,000 for Ngendo’s mum cancer […]
Operation Kampala blog
The Perfect Ending
Posted on: Mon 18 Apr 11
Easter is coming to an end! But at least we still have two more weeks to the end of April and we are planning to make the most out of it! But before we do that, let’s go back to last Sunday and cellebrate what happened. First we had the best worship time ever! What! […]