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Mizizi blog
Stepping Over Fear (My Mizizi Experience)
Posted on: Mon 21 Oct 13
As we get into week 6 of season 3 2013 (how fast time flies) allow us to share with you Vincent’s story (Vincent was in season 2 2013): #TeamSparks At The Retreat  I heard about Mizizi from my friends who had gone through the class. I also came across it online. In 2010, one of […]
Pastor M blog
You Were Made For More!
Posted on: Thu 16 Oct 14
It was a few months to the KCPE exams. The obligatory family prayers were organized to solicit divine assistance for the beloved candidate. At some point during the event, the grizzled, wise grandpa pulled aside the young student for a chat. He asked him what he was planning to do after he passed his exams. … Continue reading
Mavuno Blogs
Mavuno Blogs
Mavuno blog
Money Wise – Wisdom Before Wallet
Posted on: Sun 17 May 15
So imagine with me that you discover that one of your best friends from primary or high school has become a billionaire, and that when you meet them, your friend is so excited that they give you the opportunity to ask for one thing – whatever it is you want. You don’t know whether he’ll […]
Operation Kampala blog
The Perfect Ending
Posted on: Mon 18 Apr 11
Easter is coming to an end! But at least we still have two more weeks to the end of April and we are planning to make the most out of it! But before we do that, let’s go back to last Sunday and cellebrate what happened. First we had the best worship time ever! What! […]