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Mizizi blog
Stepping Over Fear (My Mizizi Experience)
Posted on: Mon 21 Oct 13
As we get into week 6 of season 3 2013 (how fast time flies) allow us to share with you Vincent’s story (Vincent was in season 2 2013): #TeamSparks At The Retreat  I heard about Mizizi from my friends who had gone through the class. I also came across it online. In 2010, one of […]
Pastor M blog
Escaping The Debt Trap
Posted on: Wed 20 Aug 14
The grim faced men stormed past our front door and up the stairs. I heard them knocking loudly. After a few minutes, they descended again, this time carrying household items; fridge, TV, microwave and sofa sets. ‘I didn’t know our upstairs neighbors were moving!’ I remarked to my next-door neighbor. ‘I don’t think they are’, … Continue reading
Mavuno Blogs
Mavuno Blogs
Mavuno blog
The Four Horsemen Of Financial Ruin- The Devourer
Posted on: Sun 24 Aug 14
Who is the devourer and how does he ruin us financially? Who are the 4 horseman of financial ruin? If you can remember the 1st horsemen is the hustler, 2nd is called the enslaver, the 3rd is the desolator, and the 4th horseman is called the devourer. 4th Horseman This horseman name is actually in […]
Operation Kampala blog
The Perfect Ending
Posted on: Mon 18 Apr 11
Easter is coming to an end! But at least we still have two more weeks to the end of April and we are planning to make the most out of it! But before we do that, let’s go back to last Sunday and cellebrate what happened. First we had the best worship time ever! What! […]