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FAQs - Simama

What is the Simama?

At Mavuno God has being doing something new amongst the hearts of his people. We embarked on a time of Refresh last year  God refreshed our faith, personal walk, and ignited a white-hot passion and excitement for Him; a passion that has transformed our personal lives.  This year we sense God urging us to extend our influence outward into the first zone of influence, which is our families. 


Simama is a 10-week experience that will help you , within the context of a small community of friends (Life Group) , start confronting challenges facing their families. The expected result is better relationships among your family members. Thats why simama is about Winning freedom for your Family.


Sounds Exciting. But How Does It Work?

Through the next 10 weeks , starting this February, we are calling on the entire Mavuno community, spread out across the different countries, to wait on God by experiencing Simama together in a community of friends. Many in the congregation have already had a Mizizi experience - a pre-requisite to Simama, and have a community of friends (Life Group) whom you will go through Simama together. 


Wow! So how can I engage in this?

There are two of ways to engage

(a) Existing life-groups - We are calling on all our Life-groups across the countries to wait on God together as they do Simama. 

(b) New Life-Groups – If not in a Life-Group, we are inviting you to sign up and we will assign you a group that will walk through the experience with you – either a pre-existing group, or a newly created one near your area of residency.

(c) New to Mavuno - If you are completely new to Mavuno or have never done Mizizi experience,  sign up for mizizi classed available on Weekdays and Weekends.


What about experiences like Ombi and Hatua?

The discipleship experiences you’ve mentioned are part of our commitment to help you grow into a fearless influencer. Their purpose is to equip you to influence your workplace (Ombi) and society (Hatua). We have invested great time, resource and energy into developing leaders and structures for these experiences. 

However we sense that this is an extraordinary season and that we will need to pray and fight for the freedom of our families. 

As a result, we will hold off Ombi and Hatua discipleship experiences, to give the entire community an opportunity to do Simama.


What about Lea and Ndoa?

Our family ministries, of which LEA (parenting) and NDOA (marriage) are part of, will continue to run in this season, but we will encourage participants and facilitators to go through Simama in their Life Groups.

What will it cost me?

Simama will cost you;

  • Relational energy
  • Time and Commitment
  • Simama manual (available in your campus)


Will this affect Sunday Service times?

Great question! This will NOT affect our service , thus our times remain 10am – 12 noon. Simama will be done in Life Groups as earlier mentioned.


 What if I have other questions / comments?

This is a new season for us as Mavuno, and none of us has walked this way before. As a result, we appreciate whatever additional comments, questions, concerns or encouragement you may have for us regarding Simama. These will be extremely useful for us as we seek to help as many as possible engage with and enjoy this experience. Do write to us -, and we will be more than happy to engage.


NB:Kindly download Simama week 4 Here

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