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Welcome to Leadership Discovery Program



Pastor_Linda_Ochola_100.jpgOn behalf of Mavuno Church, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our Leadership Discovery Internship Program, otherwise known as The Discovery Program. This is a leadership development program designed to help men and women not only discover their true passions and abilities, but also prepare them to become the fearless leaders God created them to be.

Rev. Linda Ochola - Adolwa

Executive Pastor - Leadership Development







Leadership Discovery is Mavunos one year full-time leadership training program that will prepare you to become the leader that God created you to be. Discovery will help you discover your gifts, abilities and passions in the context of serving with a dynamic team of leaders. 


It is a hands on leadership experience with a strong emphasis on practical leadership skills. Discovery team members use real life experience and trainings to learn leadership.


Rev. Linda Ochola - Adolwa
Executive Pastor - Leadership Development

Leadership Discovery




Do you desire to live a life that leaves a legacy? Would you want to emulate great leaders who have shaped the world? Would you want to acquire the qualities that make great leaders, great? Discovery provides the environment where you can develop these qualities so you become the leader that God created you to be. The qualities that are common to all great people and that you may acquire through Discovery, are:

Character:  Live according to a set of values no matter the cost

Competence: The ability to do the job at hand to the highest standard

Chemistry: Passionate about people and a cause that is bigger than self


After Discovery, many have gone on to pursue vocations in church and church planting, others in the corporate sector, while others have gone on to advanced studies in various fields of their interests. 




You can download the application and reference form below , once filled email them to

Application form

Reference form

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